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We Art Water Film Festival : The Winners are Ndukong Bertrand & Tatapong Beyala

Publié le 3 juin 2016, par Mota__Savio

maximize 2

The director of Team New Bell Music has struck a blow. Ndukong Bertrand won the award for best short film at the We Art Water Film Festival in Spain for his mini-film entitled « Maximize », played by Tatapong Beyala, the girl with the 15 girls on Baileys. As a reminder, Maximize is a movie about a young girl who walks miles to fetch water from her neighbors water well every morning. Due to the long distance to cover She has, she goes to the well with a bucket and an extra bottle so as to get more water .back home, She has to wash the plates, mop the floor, and take her bath, the goal water is not enough. So she maximizes, by using the Sámi water she washes and rinse the plate with, to wash the floor, and uses the Saami water she washes the floor with to flush the toilet hole, then takes her bath with the water in the bottle. The water wells are not always are clean and safe, so she ends up falling sick and losing a whole academic year. Faced with other interesting mini-movies, Mansa Musa II, as he calls himself was distinguished by his work around a specific theme already access difficulties drinking water.


Congratulations ! Meet Maximize again



Auteur : Mota__Savio

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