Mihney is back with her crew on the mixtape 'OTANTIK'

Mihney is back with her crew on the mixtape ‘OTANTIK’

Publié le 8 septembre 2016, par Mota__Savio


A few months after the release of the title « Depuis Quand » in video, Mihney , marks his return with a mixtape entitled Otantik the same name as the group it belongs … Otantik Ent. A crew made by ​​Yung Time , Belvia Uncle Dro and Mihney. For this occasion, the young rapper granted us an interview. She talks about her career, her music and of course the mixtape. Let us go !


Hello Mihney ! How are you ?

Hello … I am alright! God has-beens Good. I hope you do not mind me answering in English.


Not at all. Can you introduce yourself ?

Well i am Mihney. I am a rapper, singer and song writer Amongst –other things … I was born and raised in Cameroon. I Grew up in Douala-Bonaberi. I am the first born in a family of four kids, my relatives are divorced, and aussi i am a student in the university of Buea studying Petroleum Engineering in the Masters level 1.


You just go out with your crew called the Mixtape  »Otantik  ». Tell us things above ….

Otantik Ent is a group of four talented artists Each with unique style, looks and lifestyle. Otantik Was Yung Time’s idea and i just rolled with it. We Decided to make songs and release as a mixtape to Introduce otantik into the Game. Our main goal is Entertaining our fans. If you-have Listened to the tape you will notice That phrase providing Each artist was just his or her reality and lifestyle as is in my case. We are not out to Entertain and To Prove That We are good artists …. though we are, Obviously. The songs on the tape are our songs MOST youths age can recounts to … as for me i was just having fun with the songs, i featured in … I felt free to say things. Normally I will not say we’any of my official singles … … we made songs about relationships, lifestyle, hustle and struggle, turn up songs too … So yeah!




Is not your personal project?

Otantik is a collective project. It Would Be Placed Wrongly for me to say it belongs to me Because It belongs to all four of us. I can call it my mixtape Sami as Yung Time can call it His mixtape, same for Belvia and Uncle Dro. I do-have songs in the tape I did not feature in anybody. Like Rihanna « work » and my remix single « Up. » I Could release « Up » as a single, a personal project but i downloaded from the internet that beat so … I Decided to put it in the tape. I am Currently working on a project right now, an EP to be released When It is done!


We note the participation of Yung Time, Belvia and Uncle Dro. Why them and not other artists for this project?

Otantik Ent is Intended to be Family. The artists on the team are not only talented purpose They Are people we have Consider Family. We aim Reviews some of the songs in the tape like « me you kno » We had artists like –other Coolkid and Mic Monsta present on it, and there –other Who artists featured on other songs.




Back to you. When was your debut?

If I Understand your question right, I started music ever since I Was 12 years old. I used to sing back in the days. I will write funny songs and melodies create … Basically I go way way back. I Was Back Then not exposed Because I was just doing music for fun. I Was contented performing for my family and friends.my passion for music made me join choirs in church! I joined a music group-even When I was in high school … We Were oven and I Was That Was the only girl at the age of 16! We Ourselves called Expired « heroes now ».


We discovered you with the song  » Depuis Quand  » and you were already ill. How do you qualify your style ?

My style is soft, chilled, a little bit crazy, real and sexy like me! When people hear Mihney They feel Mihney shoulds.


You’re one of the few women in the game 237. In your opinion, what can explain the low number of women in hip hop 237?

Being a kamer femcee you-have to be a complete package from talent to looks to finances and connections. Most girls do not-have all thesis together or They Are not courageous enough! Not to mention family values ​​and cultures qui restrict « girls » from doing Such music.


What blocks you think?

Corruption !, finances Lack of sponsors. An artist can not go ahead without’any of contention. Especially in kamer Where corruption is Involved in every thing. To get your song on TV and Radio you gotta pay. It’s bad enough That They play music on Their foreign media and ask for Free Their Own Artists to pay …


And you girls the game … What is your relationship?

Personally I do not know’any of ’em. If we meet anywhere I say hi and bye and that’s it.


With which of them would you like to do a feat?

Honestly I have not thought of featuring’any of them.you know if I want to feature an artist I have to be impressed by Their work !. Be it male or female. I am Not Saying They Are not Good Enough, aim to me, They Are not there yet.I am not there yet I am too goal Improving everyday. I might want a feat in the future goal now? Nah …


 What’s your playlist right now? Do not lie eh!

I have a looong playlist.I listen to a lot of new school. Rae Sremmurd, Migos, 2 Chainz, Lil Wayna, Drake, Rihanna, Lil Kim, Nicki Minaj and on my playlist kamer, i listen to all spells like Stanley Enow, Jovi, Locko, Mr Leo, Charlotte Dipanda …


We arrived at the end of this interview. Mihney, thank you for your time. A final word to people from Au Letch…

Well, thanks for having me, thank you for your time, all i can tell you all is to trust god … dream, work and accomplish achieve your dreams and do not be lazy. Thank you.


Enjoy and Download the project here 


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