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Opinions sometimes are overrated; how much does your opinion really cost? I mean does it shift peoples thinking? Does it make you or others feel better? Or is it just aimed at causing mischief in an attempt to cover your own incompetence. If you are one of those people who has a million tweets and no real following this might not be for you. The influencers and especially the bloggers are what concern me. Ohh yeah people get all riled up when they mention anything about bloggers/writers. Thing is, if you think it is ok for you to have an opinion on what people do by writing about it, then people should definitely have a right to say something about what you do. Ah really no know ha una check am, cuz if una check say it’s wrong, that’s clearly a double standard. I actually fall into that category (writer) and oh! I own blogs too, so this is not just me feeling like shooting stones at a punching bag.

So we say we dey for here for helep industry by sharing, commenting, tweeting, giving our solicited and unsolicited opinion about the art that is being put out every day ehh? Ca Va! Mais donc, at which point do we realize that our opinions or so called support causes more harm than good? I understand the constant talking though. E easy for tok ha wey government nedi gi bolo than for talk about ha for find bolo nor? Eske e no easy for tok ha wey some nga them and paddymen them di over use facebook than for tok ha e di helep thousands of businesses and its definitely more entertaining to talk about how an artist’s song is not up to an invisible standard rather than concentrate on what said artist is doing for the culture.

I think the relevant thing is knowing when to move on. When Stanley came up, WE were all concerned about his lyrics. I am not going to be hypocritical about this. I even told a member of his team openly when I conducted an interview that I am not into his music but I respect him and his hustle a whole lot to recognize that what he is doing is great for the ecosystem. It is perfectly normal for everyone to want someone to upgrade a little bit or in a conversation state what he or she feels about someone’s art. That however in no way makes it objective. It really remains an opinion. Funny thing is four years later, we should have established the fact that Stanley is no poet or lyricist but we still dwell on that fact every time a song or a video comes up. Mehnn na witch? At what time does your opinion become irrelevant?

The way I look at it, He has come up with a style and he is content with it and at this point he probably has taken all advice into consideration but clearly doesn’t want to change it so it definitely is time we move on. Anglophones, yeah ah tok am, feed off gossip and trivialities. We are stuck to still comparing one artist to another when at this point it is apparent that they have very little to compare with each other. I made reference to Anglophones because if you take a look at the Francophone graph, nobody really cares that Franko and Mahox’s hit songs are from the same tree, no one cared about comparing Krotal to Koppo when they were both blazing and they did not definitely mention Valsero in Ton Ton Budours path even though they strived off conscious rap.

Long-term, all that chi chi chi go mbolé and if you are striving to be an influencer, this whole team a X team b doesn’t really work. I actually believe in giving feedback and trying to contribute by actively placing artist in conversations. We however have to look at the impact of these conversations long term and short term and as I continue to stress, “you di ele helep if tin way you tok translates into positive action”. We can learn a few tricks from our brothers and sisters on the other side. Look at the major initiatives last year; they were mostly carried out by Francophones. Oh yeah they will obviously help us in bashing an Anglophone act from time to time but will always put their ideas first.

I like music, Oh lawddddd! I adore music; reason why I tend to see things from this perspective. I believe we can learn a lot and eventually shape the future of Cameroon music through our contributions and views. Bear in mind that judging someone doesn’t define who they are it really just explains who you are and your thought process.



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